• XOR Triangles

    XOR Triangles

    In this post, I’ll explore the math behind one of my Twitter bots, @xorTriangles. This bot was inspired by the MathOverflow question “Number triangle,” asked by user DSM posted in May 2020. (I gave an overview of my Twitter bots…

  • Robot Walks

    Robot Walks

    I’ve gotten a lot of mathematical inspiration from Project Euler questions, but perhaps the question that has gotten me thinking the most is Project Euler Problem 208: Robot Walks. In this problem, a robot takes steps either to the right…

  • Pour Le Science and the anti-Sum-Product Problem

    Pour Le Science and the anti-Sum-Product Problem

    In March 2021, I got an out-of-the-blue email from OEIS editor Michel Marcus which totally delighted me. He wrote: This afternoon I went to the library.And I was browsing “Pour La Science” the French version of the Scientific American.And here…